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PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:39 pm 

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Reposting all FB posts here because it's a pain in the arse to find it once other posts drive it down the page.

  • THIS UPDATE CAN ALSO BE FOUND IN GAME ON THE BOARD THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS: A board hangs on a wall peppered with tales of glory, adventure and history.

    2015 : The year of KISSing.
    Subtitle: The Return of the Watchers

    We're looking to pare down, get lean and mean, and get back to basics. There are a lot of changes and rollbacks coming, which is going to require some people to take a deep breath and let go. I'm not going to sugar-coat it. That means everyone, from players to Immortals to Staff, is going to have to re-learn how to step back.

    Clan council members, listen up: I need you to get together with each other and mail me IN THE GAME the laws of your land if you're a Justice clan. If it won't fit legibly, in readable and clearly understandable format, into a single mail, you need to pare it down and get it to the core. That is what is going to be posted in your city as your laws, and that is what the playerbase will be expected to adhere to within your lands.

    Traditional non-pk mostly rp-clans, hold tight and keep doing what you're doing, but there are changes coming for you also that will most likely have you turning cartwheels in the street with joy.

    Players, listen up: In February I will be opening auditions for Watchers. More info to come.

    Coder hopefuls:It is my hope that in March I will be opening communication/auditions for Coders. Our base is C++. It's heavily tweaked. Flash, Myrddin and I are still discussing the logistics.

    One step at a time, guys. I know everyone has ideas, but it's one step at a time when it comes to a rollout.

    Less than three,

    Vivienne Wot

  • Housekeeping

    Some housekeeping items so that you're aware:

    1) While we are in debug mode there will be NO physical changes to the game that aren't already coded in. This includes turning in chits for rerolls. Coded in items that are not affected include but are not limited to: Player exp, player qps/aqps, rent files, etc. Basically if it requires an Imm to do a command to change something for your character, other than a clanning/declanning/ranking, it's not something we're doing at this time.

    2) We're working on fixes for everything associated with "locate", which is coded to the following weaves: locate object, locate life, travel, gate, fade.

    3) There are some Imm commands that we have locked down that if we use them, we will crash the game. Some of these commands are tied to item #1, which is why we're not doing them. One of the things we cannot do at this time without crashing us all to Thakan'dar and back again is password restoration. If you've "lost" a character we're sorry, but we can't go look for it for you. Part of this is because we have that function tied to non-existent forums.

    4) We know Top Mud Sites has us linked to the old site/addresses, and we are working to get those updated.

    5) Forums will not be making a return anytime soon. In fact, they may not return at all, at least not in the way you're used to. We want people playing in the game and not peripherally playing via forums. Part of that move is to reopen boards in the game as we go, seriously reduce top heavy rules that require so much forum-inclusive tracking, and get you to handle things in person in the game instead of via not logging in. We realize this may cause some people serious hyperventilation but we believe that the end result will be more playing, less stress, and the return to the mantra that "this is a game, not a job". When forums return they will be basic - Announcements for game maintenance, etc. No Immortal will be working with off-site forums, and nothing done or said in off-site forums will be upheld or supported by the Staff in actual game play.

    Thank you, and more updates as we go,

    Less than three,


  • Excessive rent

    Some players are reporting excessive rent costs, mostly due to holding scalps in inventory for all this time. Imagine that... >:) Anyway, we can't magically wipe out your rent cost but we can give you the cash to allow you to rent, then you must come right back in and give us back the cash. It takes a bit of time and not a lot of Imms can do this, so please be patient. We'll get it worked out.

  • Timeline
    Please do us this favor:

    Don't ask the Imms for a timeline on fixes, changes, or rollouts. When we're ready we'll tell everyone. When something is fixed, we'll tell everyone. When something is changed, we'll tell everyone. I promise. Right now we're concentrating on getting it stable, playable, and squishing some unexpected bugs related to player files. That's the priority.

    We really thank you in advance. It takes a lot of concentration to multi-task all this in the game.

    Less than three,

    Vivienne Wot

  • Fades, et. al.
    Attention Fades, Dreadlords, Chosen, and Aes Sedai (peripherally):

    There is a change that we're debating making that will impact you in the following way. There will be 7 Sitters, with 2 from each Ajah. That doesn't change. However, in the books there were supposed to be limited Chosen. We were tossing around the number of 13 Chosen, but we're leaning towards making it 14 to balance the number of Sitters. Here's how it would work.

    To be Chosen, you must be among the highest ranking Fades or Dreadlords, and by ranking we mean not only clanlevel but also via tps. Since you can have one Fade and one Dreadlord, if you qualify on each one for Chosen, the one with the most tps would get the spot. The Chosen will be updated quarterly, at the same time that Sitters are elected. Only active players will be eligible, so even if you have the tps and rank on a character to be Chosen, if you're not active, you won't be Chosen.

    The goal is to have Darkside leadership be active in the game and be merit-based, mirroring the actual struggle in the books for the Chosen to compete with each other to obtain, and maintain, the favor of the Great Lord.

    The other change being discussed is part of KISSing: If you have the points, you get the rank from your Watcher. If you have the qps to rank up as a Fade or Dreadlord, you'll get it for the IC asking. That also means if you're eligible for a quest to become a Fade or DL, your Watcher will give you a specific quest, and there is no other hoop to jump through. Each quest will be pre-written and it will be picked at random, and run live in the game, so you'll live or die by your actions for the Great Lord.

    I hate to say it, but... Discuss. Reasonable input will be considered.

    Less than three,

    Vivienne Wot

  • General
    So here are the things you need to know:

    This is the real game. What you do counts.

    We're in debug mode. This means the game will sometimes move slowly, hang, or even crash. Don't worry. We're leaving DM up in the meantime just in case while we work out the kinks.

    We're not bringing back forums anytime soon. Game boards are active. Use them. Play in the game instead of on a message board somewhere, please.

    You can be on DM and on WoTmud 4.5 at the same time.

    WoTmud 4.5 is open to characters of level 30+ only.

    Lan rules are in effect.

    Game rules are being rewritten. Expect some interesting rollbacks but for now, if you have a character that can get into the game, we're pretty darn sure you know the rules.

    We've already crashed once. We expect to crash again, and again, and again, and again. We're actually hoping we do because that helps us!

    Holly-daze is running, at least the important parts.

    Locate has been disabled. Something is really off with that weave and it's crashing us. Since Locate is tied to Travel and Port... well... channies, you've been downed temporarily, I suppose.

    Oh, and finally, and most important...

    FLASH ROCKS. We should all send him massive love.

    See you in the game!

  • Scalp Turn Ins from Elodin
    Elodin wrote:
    Since many of you have inactive Watchers, feel free to go ahead and send me an in-game mail for sameside scalp awards. Include you handing in the scalp(s) as well as immediately typing "time" after the hand-in.

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nice Khahliana. thanks..these boards are great for not having anything..

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