Mudlet scripts/aliases/

Setup, mapping, script help, etc.
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Mudlet scripts/aliases/

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Here's a link to whatever scripts/aliases/triggers/key bindings I happen to have for Mudlet. I think you should just be able to download it/save it somewhere, then go to Mudlet and import it from package manager? Idk. ... 7.xml?dl=0

Credit for the mapper goes to Groderick I believe, and to Saal for most of the triggers and stuff. I downloaded them from Saal's site a long time ago, kept the ones I wanted, and changed them a bit to fit my playstyle/aliasing preferences better.

I fiddled around with the mapper at some point trying to make it work on brief mode, but I remember kind of breaking it and don't remember if I got anywhere with that. If it's still broken I'm sorry, but I'm sure there's an actual fixed one out there with someone :P
Didn't bother attaching a copy of my map since I think there's actual complete ones floating around somewhere as well (I had a lot of fun mapping stuff and exploring/setting my own room colors/etc, but don't have the whole mud mapped so).

This is directly what I use, so I guess it may be set up somewhat personally and weird. Idk. Fiddle around, change what you don't like, let me know if you have trouble or questions.

Breakdown of what's in there:

Setting doors
Shit for the mapper
Autowimpy stuff for mapper
Communications window
Hits (this is currently empty. I was planning on going through logs, collecting the different messages each weapon gives for dmg, and highlighting those in different colors. Never got around to it, may at some future point if I get playing again)
Health and Moves - puts them in different colors. I have the scaling something from green (healthy) to red (crit), change around the colors to whatever you want
Highlight wanteds in the who list
On connect - set my master mob/horse/mood/posture/other stuff when I log on to the mud
Idle trigger ( :P )

Random Lion Warden aliases for patrols
PK - stuff here for moods/setting wimpy level/looting
Horses - aliases for riding/leading/whatever with horses
Vials aliases
Weapons - removing/sheathing/whatever
Targetting - stuff is set up here to have primary and secondary targets
Doors - set up to have primary and secondary doors
Mapper - idk this shit came with the mapper. I fiddled with it a bit to change room colors when I made new zones and stuff
Communications - also didn't mess with this much. It does its thing

Most of this is just stuff for the mapper and communications window.

I set up numberpad for movement/attacking target/horse stuff/score and stat/where/notice/some other things.
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Re: Mudlet scripts/aliases/

Post by Neyena »

Hi, could you please repost the link? I think it might be broken. Thanks!!
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