Using the WoTMUD Wiki effectively.

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Using the WoTMUD Wiki effectively.

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Postby Thuvia » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:50 am

It has lately come to my attention that a number of players may have some hesitation about using the WoTMUD wiki, whether due to the presence of ads, unfamiliarity with how Wikis work, or otherwise.

With this in mind, I would like to share some (hopefully) helpful hints to make your experience on the Wiki a more enjoyable one, as I consider it to be a valuable tool with a great deal of potential.

1. Get rid of advertisements

Whether on a computer or mobile device, if you are not logged in to the Wiki you will have to view advertisements on every page. You can say goodbye to advertisements by creating an account and logging on.

Computer use:
When initially created, your account will have the layout set to "Wikia" style, with advertisements still shown by default. You can change this by hovering over the user icon at the top right and clicking "My preferences". Under the "My Info" tab, scroll down to the "Appearance" section and choose "Don't show all ads" in the "Ads" dropdown.

For those who prefer the traditional Wikipedia-style layout (myself included), an even better option is available. In the same area, under "Layout" simply select "MonoBook" to switch to the more traditional layout. Note that MonoBook never displays ads regardless of yours "Ads" settings.

Mobile devices:
Here the situation is simpler. Once logged in, no changes are needed to remove ads.

2. How to contribute

Don't sweat the tech
For those unused to wiki editing, it may be a bit daunting to try to figure out the syntax, templates, and other unfamiliar aspects of article creation and editing. Don't let this deter you. If you feel you have something useful to contribute, just jump in and make a draft of something.

A large number and variety of articles already currently exist which can be used as starting points. As for formatting issues as mentioned above, if you are unsure, just leave those parts to myself and others. An article need not be created in "finished" form starting out.

Be bold
Data integrity is naturally an important consideration on a community resource like a Wiki, and I strive to ensure that all information added is correct and up-to-date. That said, if you feel anything is incorrect, missing, or needs expanding, give it a shot.

Talk pages, for both articles and users, are a great way to discuss and handle any conflicts which may arise as a result of said changes. I've tried to set the wiki up in a way that I feel is good, but my opinions on presentation, layout, etc may not always be right, so please feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you,
Thuvia (Russ3Z on the Wiki)
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