This script will help you clean up RP logs. It removes most unnecessary junk such as prompts, globals, and wherelists.
Additionally, it replaces references to you either with your name or with appropriate third-person pronouns.
The script should work very well with most wotmud socials, but it may require manual correction here and there.

Character name:
Communication echo was:


Updated version by Markus (June 2010).
Added options to keep or remove tells, narrates and chats. Also added support for logs taken with echo off. And a list of minor fixes.

Updated version by Markus (June 2009).
Thanks to Faye, who did a great deal of the necessary work on socials and pronoun conversion.
Additional thanks to:
- Myshkin, Alida, Melindra, and Faye for submitting MUD output samples.
- Asrael from KGS for a little help with the PHP.

Original version by Janers (June 2007). Thanks to:
- Gesin, for setting the original mindset,
- Mythras for creating the skeleton of this .php-script.